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Global M Corporation

Global M Corporation is a firm that has been engaged for over twelve years in the fields of medicine. Investing in different project sectors such as Research, Development, Innovation, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Institutions.


The mission is to provide the latest techniques in technology, innovative treatments and diagnostic methods.


As a part of the services sector Global M Corporation aim through research, development & innovation to adapt its business aims to the specific needs of customers.

The company seeks to contribute to social and economic development through brand presence while always remaining committed to its employees.


INNOVATION: continues the ongoing search for products and services that meet the needs of customers, patients and doctors, responding to new sectors of a rapidly growing business, while already serving over 100,000 customers worldwide.

The company has a leading edge multidisciplinary team that is always looking towards the future. Because of this, we are a powerful collaborator towards helping businesses to access future developments. We face constant changes within various sectors and we place full confidence in the decisions of the trusted individuals on our team that makes this company a leader in innovation.

It is very important to us and to the entire investment group to, IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES.

DISCLAIMER: This work is done with a level of professionalism that responds to the trust that customers and employees have placed in the group.

Madrid Office
Madrid Office
Madrid Office

Calle Velazquez 109
28006 – Madrid